Employment in the Negev

“Young people want to work. Sometimes they don’t know what they want to do, or what they are capable of doing. On the other hand, employers have distinct needs. If young adult centers and organizations advertise different courses and training opportunities, it gives these young people options to pursue. One will want to be a chef. Another will connect to something digital. And some will want to work on cars.
That’s why connecting all of these bodies has been transformative for the Negev. The young adult centers now have relationships with employers, and employment agencies. This leads to employers getting better employees, and young people getting better guidance and ultimately, better jobs.”

– David Kalderon

Head of the Southern Branch of the Garages Union and Owner of Kalderon Garages.
The Lauder Center is proud to play an integral role in bringing together so many different sectors to benefit employment in the Negev.

NetGev Hura

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