Professional services for Graduates/Students


Lauder Employment Center invite you to be our partner in the realization of our vision, and determine you home in the Negev, with acquire professional knowledge and providing job security.
Lauder Employment Center provides you a wide range of seminars, job fairs and employment opportunities in many fields and professions.

Career Counseling

Through diagnostic sessions with an occupational psychologist, the candidate / student / graduate will be able to identify what is the most appropriate career path for him and what resources he must acquire to achieve his objectives.
The purpose of the counseling session is to assist the individual being consulted to know himself, to define areas of interest, to test abilities and skills, to become familiar with the world of employment and to receive an educational or employment orientation.


Career Planning

Through individual / group counseling sessions, the student / graduate will be able to define and set career goals for the short and long term.
The process shall include the identification of areas of prominent activity, characterization of needs and a personal set of priorities, formulation of a practical and personal program and drafting a resume, which enables the reader to appreciate the potential contribution of the applicant to the organization.


Job Fairs

A job fair is held twice a year on the Marcus campus. A job fair includes dozens of the leading companies in the Israeli family economy, arriving on Campus in order to recruit to their ranks the highest quality students and university graduates. The Center shall highlight and prioritize those employers from the South and the Negev.

Holding Spotlight Meetings with Employers
Sector-focused, two hours meetings, in which the companies are given a stage to present to the relevant students and / or graduates the business activities of the company, the career opportunities in the specific field of study and their hiring processes.


Workshops & Lectures

The Center will offer workshops and professional lectures that deal with the development of personal awareness, the mapping of skills and abilities and an examination of the possibilities vis-à-vis the capabilities and desires, career planning and first steps in entering the labor market. The workshops being offered shall include: writing CVs, preparation for job interviews, preparation for screening examinations, integration into a new workplace, labor laws, drafting letters to employers, Excel and more.


Executive Training

Training intended for undergraduates and graduates who wish to integrate into management positions. The program shall assist in the understanding of organizational management tasks and how to adopt them both as employees and as managers. The training shall include the development of self-management skills, the management of people and resources.